Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here I go!

So decided to start this blog because I have a feeling this is going to be a ride I'm going to want to look back fondly on.

At this point, I have done a lot of dreaming. I have thought of all kinds of little details: colors, textures, patterns, stickers, logos, names, frosting's, flavors and extracts. I have considered the ideal ingredients I would like to use, as well as my own image and how I want to be perceived by the public as a "Cupcake Extraordinaire-ess." That actually was my first choice for a business name, and although I love it and it suits me, and it was dreamed up with love, I feel like it might be a bit too long and hard for some people to spell. I might be able to fit it in part of my tag line or something like that at some point.

I have had no shortage of support, for that I am a very lucky girl. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, word really gets around, and I have found that people get a little excited when you talk about how you are starting a cupcake business. Women are RIGHT on top of it. They ask a lot of questions and give a lot of suggestions as well as provide a lot of feedback. I have a feeling that I have mostly a female-based clientele, which is cool with me, it is what I expected. I think that this cupcake thing will appeal to men in a way though, too....after all, its not just women that love tiny, pretty little cakes, surely men do, too! Men like to make the women in their lives happy, don't they? Well, cake is a sure way to make a woman smile, if you ask me.

I have posted ads on in the "home and garden" and "wedding" sections and have had quite a few inquiries. Enough that I had to get myself a bit organized and start a filing system so I could keep everyone/everything straight in terms of orders, colors, dates, names and other small but important details. I have gotten SEVERAL replies about wedding cupcakes. It seems that cupcakes for a wedding are either a new trend, or one of the new ways to go. Easy, cute, quite a bit cheaper, and not as big of a commitment. Cupcakes aren't a big commitment. People are looking for cheaper, easier ways to indulge in these economic times, and cupcakes are a little piece of heaven that many people are willing to spend some coin on. One exciting reply I got was from someone in downtown Fredericton who runs a high traffic convenience store that was interested in selling my cupcakes in his store. How awesome would that be? Now I have to think about shelf life, rotating flavor availability and schedules. Wow, kind of crazy, but pretty awesome. I am very excited about this new chapter of my life. I never thought I would have my own business, I had no idea that I could ever decorate something like a cake or cupcake and make it beautiful. I do, of course, love cake, and have always loved baking them, but it never occurred to me that I could be the one making them beautiful and available to the public. What a trip!

My next step is registering a business name and having my home kitchen inspected and licensed by the Dept. of Health so that I can start selling to the public. I'll update this blog as I create new goodies and keep you posted on my progress!

I look forward to your comments and feedback. I have some great friends and family who are right behind me. Wish me luck!